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Why you shouldn't use the word "Experienced" on your resume.

“Experienced”, “Seasoned”, “Well versed” all equal the same thing on a resume... "Old". These are key words that mean you have been doing something for a long time but they are not descriptive of what you have been doing. Instead of these words, try to describe your skills and talents that have been honed with lots of practice.

Instead of "Experienced Waiter" try “Skilled waiter who excels in creating a unique customer experience" or instead of “Seasoned Sales Professional“ try “Outgoing Sales Professional who engages customers and closes xx% of sales calls”.

It’s important to sell the benefits of the practice, what skill did you learn and how did you apply it. Stay way from words that can be translated in an unflattering way. They may seem like catch-all words to describe everything but unfortunately they don’t describe anything.

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