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Your Dream Job Awaits... 

Resume, Interview Preparation and Coaching
We Write Your Resume Together - You're Involved Every Step of the Way

The Lindsey Levine Difference:  Selecting someone to work with you on your resume can be a tough choice, there are a lot of options and styles.  The difference is we work with you to write your resume.  You know your history; we know how an effective resume is written. When we work together, we create the perfect customized resume.  Let us help you write yours!

Resume Preparation


Let’s prepare your Resume! We want your resume to stand out not only to the Bots but to anyone looking at it. We will make sure it clearly communicates who you are and what your skills are.

Interview Coaching


Let’s Get You Interview Ready! We want you to stand out in a crowd. There is nothing like confidence in an interview and your interviewer knows it. We can build your confidence.

Our experts support all Industries and Positions:


• Sales                                • Copy writing

• Editing                              • Artists

• Engineering                     • Musicians

• Accounting                       • Life Coaching

• Nursing                            • Teachers

• Administrative                  • Real Estate

• Architect                          • Banking

• Government                    • Construction

• Manufacturing                 • IT

• Project Management       • Healthcare

• Entertainment                  • Film Industry

• Healthcare                       • Pharma         

• Wealth Management       • Law 

• Video Editing                   • Physicians

• Technical

  • CFO

  • VP

  • Directors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Senior Managers

  • Account Managers

  • Middle Managers

  • Entry Level

  • Drivers

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing

  • Students

  • Interns


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Lindsey Levine has a passion for helping people reach their  professional goals. Whether it’s for an internship, scholarship, new job or a promotion at work, he can help you get there.  



“He starts the process by strategically editing your resume to illustrate the candidate’s skills and experience. He will then use his extensive knowledge around interviewing and interview preparation to kick off the interview training portion. After working with Lindsey, you will leave feeling confident in your new ability to effectively sell yourself to your future employer.”​  


Cortnie D.

Las Vegas, NV
via LinkedIn

"I recently used Lindsey to help prepare for an interview. Lindsey was very helpful with his insight regarding they types of questions that may be asked during the interview. Lindsey focused on experience, behavioral and situational questions. I was more than prepared and felt very comfortable with my answers to the interviewer’s questions. if you’re in the process of preparing for an interview and you’re looking for help, I highly recommend Lindsey for interview prep."


Scott G.

Riverside, CA
via LinkedIn

“The thing that I have always enjoyed most about Lindsey is his style. He is engaged and engaging, extremely direct and clear while being thoughtful, and he is perceptive and resourceful. Simply, he gets to the heart of the matter and adds value in every conversation.”

Sarah K.

North Carolina

via LinkedIn

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